Melissa, 29, works for a professional society of actuaries. Scott, 31, works for Raytheon. They live in Rosslyn.

The Main Event: They’ll say their “I do’s” Sept. 2 on a family friend’s private beach on Lake Michigan.

How They Met: DC Bocce Ball. Their teams played each other in the first game of the season.

First Date: A movie at Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse and a visit to Solly U Street Tavern to play “Big Buck Hunter.”

How he Proposed: In a Scrabble game. “I admit, I rigged the game … but only to give myself enough pieces to spell ‘Will you marry me?’”

When She Knew: “When I realized he was the male version of me … and I think I’m pretty cool.”

With Infinite Funds: Scott “would have a giant, fire-breathing, floating statue of Justin Timberlake off the shore of where we are getting married.”