Norman sees dead people, but seems to be okay with it.

In “ParaNorman,” protagonist Norman can talk to dead people. And he does. A lot. So no one wants to be his friend. Which is a small price to pay, considering what happened to some other kids with weird abilities

Carol Anne Freeling
Also known as “that creepy little girl from the ‘Poltergeist’ movies,” Carol Anne can talk to the TV. Lots of people do that, but those BLIND AS BATS UMPIRES never pull you into the set and try to keep you in their ghostly world.

Cole Sear
The kid in 1999’s “The Sixth Sense” can (drop to a whisper) “see dead people.” Which sounds like it could be fun, until you have Mischa Barton puking under your bed.

Tony and Tia Malone
Twin siblings share powers — unequally — in 1975’s “Escape to Witch Mountain.” She can talk to animals, magically unlock doors, read Tony’s mind and see the future. He can move stuff when he plays a harmonica. You don’t have to be psychic to know what he’s thinking.

‘Charlie’ McGee
In 1984’s “Firestarter,” tiny Drew Barrymore is gosh-darn adorable. Especially when using her pyrokinetic powers to set fire to people and stuff.

 Cassie Holmes
In 2009’s “Push,” Dakota Fanning plays Cassie, a “Watcher” who can see the future. Kind of, since knowing the future means she’ll just change it to avoid the future she saw. So, how come when she sees the future, she doesn’t see herself changing it? Or see herself seeing herself changing it?