Last night, the CW launched a series based on the children’s game musical chairs, above. Only it was musical chairs “on steroids,” in which “20 thrill-seeking daredevils” run an obstacle course until a live band stops playing, then scramble over a moat and grab a chair on “chair island.” No chair = You’re out! The show’s name is “Oh Sit!” (Get it? This is a family paper, so I can’t give you any hints.)

Why stop with musical chairs, CW? I’d propose the following kids’ game-inspired series:

“Dodge Fireball” Like the playground game, but the ball is ON FIRE!

“Hopscotch on Scotch” First you get drunk, then you seek to throw the heel of a shoe into a square drawn on a sidewalk, hop to the heel and kick it! Good luck, Drunky McDrunkenstein!

“Simon Cowell Says” The host orders contestants to perform tasks. But the contestants should only obey if the instruction is delivered in a British accent and is mean-spirited: “Sing a song so badly that you if you lived 2,000 years ago, people would stone you.”

“Blind Man’s Bluff” A blindfold is tied over the eyes of a contestant, who is told to grope around and find other contestants in a room. Only THERE ARE NO OTHER CONTESTANTS!