Kevin, 32, is a federal police officer. Renee, 26, is a budget analyst for the Department of Justice. They live in Crystal City.

The Main Event: Sept. 12 in Oahu, Hawaii.

How They Met: At a friend’s party. “I had already seen him at work,” Renee said, “but he sealed my interest when I saw him dancing in the middle of the bar by himself.”

First Impressions: “He looks sexy in that uniform!”

First Date: The Air and Space Museum, Starbucks and Zaytinya.

How He Proposed: At their place. When she saw him changing into a suit, he lied and said he had a job interview and needed to make sure the suit fit. “Best lie he’s ever told,” she says. Then he got down on one knee in the bedroom and taped a “meet me in here” note to their cat.

Our Song: “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers. “We danced our first dance together to this song in the middle of my kitchen while making dinner,” Renee says.

When He Knew: Within a few months. “We went for a morning jog and halfway through I had this feeling. I had a tingling, heart-felt feeling in my mind and stomach.”