Next week, I’m going back to college to finish my degree. Sixteen years ago, before I quit school and started working, I never had any doubt about what to wear. Now, I’m in my mid-30s and lost. What should I wear during my first week to make a good impression? Please keep in mind I’m on a budget. —Stacy

Manolo says, the modern college students generally dress like the mental patients, in stain-resistant, loose-fitting clothing with drawstrings. Au courant for the young ladies are colorful sweatshirts and pajama bottoms, while the young gentlemen favor the sweatpants and novelty T-shirts.

And on their feets are the cheap flip-flops, shoes that induce in their wearer a sort of shuffling, shambling gait.

But then, when you are 18 years old, it does not matter what you wear. Youthful beauty and vigor trump even the most ridiculous of costumes. However, for those whom 18 is the distant memory, artifice, guile and the keen eye for fashion must substitute for the natural advantages of the youth.

Manolo suggests older students adopt “business casual” standards for the on-campus wear. Be more serious in comportment and attire than the average student and you will succeed.

Here is the Nolan from Franco Sarto, the reasonably priced, mid-heel loafer that will distinguish you as the person who is there to learn, not par-tay ($79,