Vintage Point
You may recall Meeps (2104 18th St. NW; 202-265-6546) as a thrift-store-ish, second-hand clothing shop in AdMo. Leave it to Cathy Chung and Katerina Herodotou, the duo behind 14th Street’s vintage power Treasury, to spruce up the joint. The re-branded shop stocks ’70s-’90s shirt dresses ($18-$45), men’s button-downs ($18-$31) and earrings ($5-$10).

Choc It Up
Ben Rasmussen of Potomac Chocolate crafts bittersweet dark chocolate bars with Costa Rican cacao beans in his Woodbridge, Va., workshop. Until we can move in next door, we’ll score his winning plain or salt- and nib-studded sweets from La Fromagerie ($7, 1222 King St., Alexandria; 703-879-2467).

Photos Take Flight
Instagram, while enjoyable, can occasionally induce photo overload. (Did you need to see 8,000 photos of your ex-housemate’s H Street bar crawl?) And we have always suspected that those creepy digital picture frames cause seizures. Crate & Barrel’s Birds on a Wire clothesline ($10, turns snapshots or postcards into a manageable art gallery. Its avian paper clips can also grasp work papers or bills that need paying.

Really Get Lit
You look at a pile of empty wine bottles and think “What the $*%& happened last night?” The brains at Rewined looked at the same and imagined eco-friendly candles made by pouring natural soy wax into trimmed-down vino vessels ($27, Trohv, 232 Carroll St. NW; 202-829-2941). Scents include cabernet, champagne and sangria, none of which reeks of last night’s party.

A Shore Thing
Bad day at the beach: sand wedged in inappropriate places. Good day at the beach: messy-chic locks from playing in the salt water. Kelly Gorsuch, founder of hip Logan hair salon Immortal Beloved (1457 Church St. NW; 202-299-1050) and creator of House of Esterhazy hair products, harnessed the power of the sea in a new styling spray ($26.50). Spritz the stuff on wet or dry hair for insta-volume and texture.