My 15th high school reunion is five weeks away, which gives me just enough time to make myself over. I’m thinking that instead of doing all that work, I should just get some really great shoes. Please advise. —Amber

Manolo says, ayyyyy! The Manolo likes the way you are thinking. Obviously, you are the longtime reader of the Manolo.

Normally, the most common thing to do when the Day of Labor arrives, and the high school reunion season approaches, is to start the lemon-water-cabbage-soup-watermelon starvation diet. Followed closely by calls to the beautician, the aesthetician, the dietician and the Botox doctor.

One needs to do these things so as to overcome the trauma of the high school by showing up the mean cheerleader girls who dated the quarterbacks and ruled the lunchroom from their Mordor-like table in the center.

But, unless you have magically become Cindy Crawford since graduation, this sort of thing rarely works. You are still you, and they are still them, just older, perhaps wiser and maybe more centered and contented. But the world spins on, and your high school days are ever receding into the distant past.

Better, says the Manolo, to fix yourself up within reason, put on the beautiful shoes and enjoy the evening.

Look! Stunningly beautiful shoes! The Lancer crystal-embellished suede sandals from Jimmy Choo ($865,!