Kristin, 30, and Stanley, 29, are both attorneys. They live in Columbia Heights.

The Main Event: They’re tying the knot Sept. 8 in D.C.

How They Met: In law school at Catholic University of America.

First Impressions: “I’m not sure he ever left the library,” Kristin says. “Kristin sat in the back row and called out answers without raising her hand. Super annoying, but she was always right,” Stanley says.

First Date: A study date, with carry-out Chinese and a bottle of wine.

First Kiss: “I had recently ended a long-term relationship and cared too much about Kristin to start something that wasn’t serious. She agreed, but told me she wasn’t willing to wait.”

How he Proposed: During a trip to Jamaica, while playing Gin Rummy and drinking Red Stripe.

Most Stupid fight: When he forgot the spice packet for tacos: “She refused to eat them.”

Making It Unique: Their reception features a four-course “tasting menu,” with dishes symbolizing different moments in their relationship.