Tirzah, 30, is a media management specialist at National Geographic. Chip, 30, is a communications manager at the Wildlife Conservation Society. They live in D.C.

The Main Event: Sept. 8 in Portland, Maine.

How They Met: At a post-kickball game party. “Chip looked like a total goofball, but he had a gigantic smile and invited me to dance even though I was on the other team.”

First Date: Cactus Cantina.

How he Proposed: On the steps of the Jefferson Memorial, after her birthday dinner.

Most Stupid Fight: Where to put their board games (she’d suggested the kitchen).

When He Knew: After their first overnight trip. “If a girl could make Allentown fun, she’s a keeper.”

Making It Unique: Tirzah’s dad is hand-crafting a Jefferson Memorial cake topper. “The last update I got was, ‘Well, I’m no architect,’ so we’ll see how it turns out!” she says.