Gabriel, 37, works for the Department of Defense. Charlotte, 25, works in media relations. They just moved off a yacht in southwest D.C. to a home in Alexandria.

The Main Event: They’re tying the knot Sept. 14 in downtown Milwaukee.

How They Met: At a pig roast on a barge in D.C.’s Gangplank Marina.

First Impressions: “He was shirtless, covered in tattoos, with long hair and a dark Cuban tan. I thought he was the sexiest man I had ever seen.” “I thought she was a goddess.”

First Date: He took her out on his boat for an afternoon cruise.

How he Proposed: A year later. “Same party, same people, different pig. He grabbed the microphone and got down on one knee.”

Most Stupid Fight: She asked him to shave his chin-strap beard, “and he was really sad that I didn’t appreciate his artistic facial hair.”

Pet Names: Because of his boat and tattoos, she calls him “the pirate.”

Making It Unique: Gabriel’s father, a Cuban nightclub performer, will be the musical act.