Nick, 27, is an economist at the U.S. Department of Energy. Kim, 32, works for the Heritage Foundation. They live in D.C.

The Main Event: A Sept. 15 event in Kim’s hometown church in Wisconsin. The reception is at her parents’ barn (normally an antiques shop as well as a reception venue).

How They Met: Online.

First Impressions: “She was very nice, and also short.”

First Date: They saw the movie “Role Models.”

How he Proposed: After ordering a custom ring (“because her finger is so small”), he popped the question while she was cooking dinner.

MOST Stupid Fight: Over how he was seasoning chicken. “I yelled at him because he only seasoned one side, and it turned into an argument.”

Most Hated CLothing Item: His swim trunks, “because he wears them as regular shorts.”

When He Knew: They were both living in Colorado when they met. When he got a job in D.C. and she followed, he knew she was the one.

Family Traditions: Their wedding song, Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” was also her parents’ song, and it was used by two of her older brothers at their weddings, too.