Viewers in Utah aren’t able to watch NBC’s “The New Normal” (9:30 p.m., Tuesdays), about a gay couple (Andrew Rannells, above left, and Justin Bartha, right) who desperately want a baby (or “miniature person”) and hire a surrogate to carry what they hope will be “a skinny blond child who doesn’t cry.”

The local NBC affiliate said the show was “inappropriate on several dimensions, especially during family viewing time.”

True, “TNN” has a lot of moments you wouldn’t want to watch with your kid, unless you were eager to field questions about fornication, adultery and why a bigoted grandma would call gay people “salami smokers.”

Yet, the show does convey certain lessons suitable for all ages. I will rehash some of those lessons. Readers, please share with your friends in Utah.

If oil spills on your driveway, kitty litter can soak it up.

Loafers, no socks and diamond-patterned pants are not a good look for any man.

A person contemplating parenthood should remember: “Everything in your life is going to be covered in spit up, poop and drool.”

You can’t return a baby to Barney’s.