Elvis, 32, works for the FDA and is a concert promoter with LivSuite. Daissan, 28, is a financial reporting supervisor at NPR. They live in Bowie, Md.

The Main Event: They will wed Oct. 6 at a Baptist church in Shaw, with a reception in Alexandria.

How They Met: She asked her friend to find her a single guy to go to a sorority event with. The friend set her up with Elvis.

First Impressions: “He was handsome and seemed more mature and ‘put together’ than anyone I had been on a date with before.” “I was surprised by how great of a person Daissan seemed. I even asked her, ‘So how come you are still single?’”

First Date: Daissan and Elvis, plus the friend and her boyfriend, did a double date at Tryst.

How He Proposed: After secretly flying to Ohio and back to ask her parents for permission, he popped the question just as she sat down for lunch. Then he got local D.C. artist Kenny Wesley to serenade her at work.

Most Stupid Fight: When she insisted that her “faded and girly” Ikea bedsheets went on their bed.

Making It Unique: They’re giving out buckeyes and bourbon to celebrate their home states of Ohio (Daissan) and Kentucky (Elvis).