Yolanda, 40, works for the APA. Daryl, 42, drives a MetroBus. They live in Capitol Heights, Md.

The Main Event: They’re marrying Sept. 22 at a private residence.

How They Met: In church.

First Impressions: “I wanted to beat her at this board game, and I thought she was competitive.”

First Date: Paddleboating on the Potomac and exploring the Mall.

First Kiss: In their more than year-long courtship, they haven’t yet kissed. “Smooches will be reserved for our wedding day,” Yolanda says.

How He Proposed: With a tux, a dozen roses, a friend serenading her and his two teenage daughters welcoming her into the family.

When She Knew: After she had to give a stressful presentation at work, she walked to her car to find Daryl there with food, balloons and a card celebrating her success.