The Make-Up’s Michelle Mae

The Smithereens’ 1986 hit “Behind the Wall of Sleep” nailed the seductive power of the bassist: “She stood just like Bill Wyman, now I am her biggest fan.” Michelle Mae, bassist for local supergroup the Make-Up (reuniting Thursday), is the ultimate vision of bassitude. Mae also was in offshoot band Weird War, playing a Fender Jazz Bass through a Sunn cabinet, which arguably makes her even cooler than Wyman. Ahead of the show, we present five other awesome bassists for your consideration.

Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth: Her dark, fuzzed-out bass (as heard on 1992’s “100%”) was always the anchor of whatever other chaos was flying around.

Sean Yseult, White Zombie: After 11 years of shredding for horror-core band White Zombie, she played bass in the Cramps with the equally fierce Poison Ivy.

Toody Cole, Dead Moon: Cole was one-third of Seattle’s Dead Moon (along with her husband, Fred Cole) for 20 years. Dark, dirty, beautiful, road-dog music.

Kim Deal, Pixies: 1988’s “Gigantic” features one of the simplest, most recognizable bass lines in rock.

Peter Steele, Type O Negative: A dude bass player? Weird. Anyway, Steele used an industrial chain for a bass strap, allegedly causing one shoulder to slope lower than the other. Heavy. Metal.

Black Cat, 1811 14th St. NW; with Coup Sauvage & the Snips, Thu., 8 p.m., $15; 202-667-7960. (U Street)