I’m starting to wonder if it matters who the mom is on “How I Met Your Mother.” When I first started watching the CBS sitcom, curiosity propelled the series: Ted Mosby kept dating women we knew he wouldn’t end up with, while future Ted strung us along.

Lately, the show has been at its best when the mother issues are nowhere in sight. I used to think the episodes that didn’t move the plot forward were wasting time. Now, I find that the twists and hinting distract from the show’s humor.

Josh Radnor, who plays Ted, above, doesn’t think it matters who the mother is. “She’s a great person he meets at a wedding, and she’s got a really cute umbrella and a really cute ankle.” That wedding is supposed to happen this season (possibly the show’s last). Viewers will glimpse the fateful moment in the season premiere (Sept. 24, 8 p.m.).

The writers “could introduce her as a character, or Ted could just meet her at the last episode,” Radnor says. “He could just turn around and there she is. Stop right there without showing her face. My hope is that it’s the most romantic, elegant, triumphant end to a television show ever.”

I just hope the path there is as funny as I know it can be.