Here are some people in the movie. On a related note, LET’S GO NATS and LET TEDDY WIN.

We would say that “Trouble with the Curve,” out Friday, will fill the baseball-size hole left in our hearts as the MLB season winds down. But with the Nats in playoff contention, that hole isn’t there. Still, early fall is always a great time to take in a baseball picture.

Bull Durham (1988)
We considered leaving this, the absolute best baseball movie of all time, off the list just to see the letters roll in. (Our inbox gets lonely sometimes.) But it’s on the list because, well, it’s the absolute best baseball movie of all time.

The Natural (1984)
The one thing “Bull Durham” lacks is Robert Redford wearing great hats. And Glenn Close wearing great hats. And a bat with a name. Bats should always have names.

Major League (1989)
One of the best “Hey, it’s that guy!” moments: “24” prez/Allstate guy Dennis Haysbert plays Pedro Cerrano, the voodoo-obsessed hitter in a slump. And he gets some of the best lines (“[Expletive] you, Jobu. I do it myself.”)

A League of Their Own (1992)
There’s no better moment than when a black woman (who can’t play in the all-white league) watching a game from foul territory (since she can’t sit in the seats) returns an errant ball by winging it over Geena Davis’ head.

Field of Dreams (1989)
Has any movie scene better summed up what baseball means than when Kevin Costner’s Ray turns to his back-from-heaven dad and asks, “You wanna have a catch?” Sob.