Yuliya, 24, is a business development coordinator at a law firm. Tyler, 25, is in tech support. They live in Rockville.

The Main Event: Bells will ring Oct. 6 at a chapel at Yuliya’s alma mater in Holland, Mich.

How They Met: EHarmony, from halfway across the world. Yuliya was finishing her master’s in Rome, and Tyler was in Montreal. Later, he drove 12 hours to meet her in person in Grand Rapids, Mich.

First Impressions: “She instantly struck me as personable, engaging and easy to connect with. With her family all about the house, I got a good sense of how much family meant to her.”

First Date: They went to ArtPrize, an annual Grand Rapids festival of art all over the city. “The night truly felt magical,” says Yuliya.

How He Proposed: At the National Cathedral in twilight, he knelt and proposed in Russian. “His Russian was very impressive. How could I have said anything but yes?”

Celebrating Heritage: Yuliya is including the Ukrainian ritual of laying a handmade towel (“rushnyk”) in front of the couple during the ceremony. “Tradition says that whoever steps on the rushnyk first will be the head of the house.”