So many new daytime talk shows this fall! Can you match the persona/sound bite with the host/talk show?

1. Pithy questioner: “You were kind of spiraling out of control, weren’t you?”

2. Down-to-earth champion of positivity: “You never know what happens when you say yes.”

3. Gusher: “I love that I have this platform to celebrate women like yourself! Tell us about your journey!”

4. Folksy adviser (answering audience question about toilet training a child who has previously fallen in the toilet): “You might as well go on and get that boy some Depends. Listen to me: Once a little boy falls in the toilet, he is shattered for life.”

5. Faux therapist: “Lies and anger [are] getting you nowhere. ’Cause love and need are two entirely different things, but people are forever confusing them.”

Hosts: a) Steve Harvey, “Steve Harvey” b) Jeff Probst, “The Jeff Probst Show” c) Katie Couric, “Katie”

d) Trisha Goddard, “Trisha” e) Ricki Lake, “The Ricki Lake Show”

Bonus question: Add up all five personas and who do you get?

ANSWERS: 1-c; 2-b; 3-e; 4-a; 5-d; Bonus: It’s the Five Faces of … Oprah!