“Do not talk to me like that. I have an Oscar nomination.”

“Pitch Perfect,” out Friday, is about the cutthroat world of college a cappella singing — think “Glee,” but with more drinking, a less sullen piano player and no Auto-Tune. It’s not a musical, but SONGS WILL HAPPEN, as in these other films.

(500) Days of Summer
This 2009 indie romance has irritatingly placed parentheses, but it compensates with a Joseph Gordon-Levitt-led dance to “You Make My Dreams.” You do, Joseph. You do.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
You’ve got 1961 Audrey Hepburn. You’ve got “Moon River.” So she wasn’t the strongest vocally — give Hepburn a guitar and put her on a fire escape, and you’ve got magic.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?
“The Odyssey” had a notable lack of bluegrass. In the Coen brothers’ 2000 Depression-era retelling, George Clooney and company make sure everyone leaving the theater is singing “Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii … am a mannnnnnnnn …”

Blue Valentine
Ryan Gosling plays the ukulele and sings “You Always Hurt the One You Love” while Michelle Williams soft-shoes during the most adorable date ever; the adorableness is undercut as their marriage crumbles in the most devastating movie of 2010. Tra la la!

Young Frankenstein
This 1974 masterpiece has what is possibly the funniest scene ever committed to film: Gene Wilder (as Dr. Frankenstein) and Peter Boyle (as the monster) perform “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” Or, as the Monster pronounces it, “PUDNONNAWIIIIITZ.”