Last week, I was snack mom at soccer. So I took my son to the grocery store and had him pick out two packages of the brand of “fruit” snacks that were both on sale AND for which I had a coupon. The two boxes he picked were Superman “for the boys” and My Little Pony “for the girls.”

Now, he’s 4, and that’s how things break down in his world. But the same thing is happening at theaters this weekend. “Looper” has Bruce Willis and guns in it, so it’s for boys. “Pitch Perfect” has more than two women in it, so it’s for girls.

Such assumptions are reductive and ridiculous, though, because both movies are snacks — addictively artificial and perfectly tasty, if not high cuisine.

I’m willing to bet that women will see “Looper” with their boyfriends or husbands, but they’ll see “Pitch Perfect” with their girlfriends. And, seriously, if your boyfriend won’t see “Pitch Perfect” because he thinks it’s a “girl movie,” then he needs to not be your boyfriend anymore. Because he’s a tool.

These movies are good, not “good for an action film” or “a good chick flick.”

If my son can (eventually, after a talk) get that it’s OK for a girl to choose a Superman snack and a boy to dip into the My Little Pony box, surely moviegoers can get over it and just enjoy these tasty treats.