Caleb, 23, works at Gallaudet University. Rachel, 23, is an ASL interpreter. They live in Southwest D.C.

The Main Event: Oct. 6 at the Portland Golf Club outside Portland, Ore.

How They Met: Rachel was studying at Gallaudet for one semester. “My goal was to learn more about deaf culture and American Sign Language. I never thought I would be getting a husband out of the experience.”

First Impressions: “I thought he was an adorable Southern gentleman who really liked the color orange.” “I noticed that Rachel had pretty orange hair like my favorite football team, the Tennessee Vols.”

First Date: Vapiano in Chinatown.

How He Proposed: Atop a hill on Caleb’s parents’ land in Tennessee. Both their families took photos of the whole thing.

Pet Names: She is “Rae” or, in ASL, an “R” on the cheek, “because she has such a big smile.” He is a “C” over the heart.

Celebrating Heritage: The wedding is in Rachel’s home state, so the details are all Southern, like sweet tea and the Tennessee Waltz.

Making It Unique: They’re making shortbread cookies with a cutter shaped like the ASL sign for “I love you.”