Christina, 28, and Will, 34, are both analysts. They live in Bethesda.

The Main Event: They’re saying their I do’s Oct. 13 in Lakeland, Fla.

How They Met: Through friends. It took them a year to begin dating.

First Impressions: “She was a laugher, and that’s a definite plus … since I’m a huge dork and make bad jokes at inappropriate times.”

First Date: Ristorante Piccolo in Georgetown.

How He Proposed: When they flew into Tampa, Fla., for the holidays, he arranged to have her family meet them at the airport with valet cards. They flipped the cards to read “Will” “You” “Marry ”— that’s when he pulled out his own card, reading “Me?”

Their Song: Will: The music from the “Keyboard Cat” Internet meme, “because I can start humming that at any time, and it’ll get a laugh out of her.”

Family Traditions: They’ll use Christina’s parents’ guest book from their wedding 41 years ago.

With Infinite Funds: “There’s a baby grand piano at the reception venue, so we toyed with the idea of getting an Elton John impersonator,” Christina says. With infinite funds, they’d hire the real thing.