Steve, 35, works in IT. Rae, 28, is the communications coordinator for a nonprofit. They live in Crystal City.

The Main Event: After their small Catholic ceremony in D.C., they’re off to Puerto Rico for a bigger ceremony with 70 family and friends on Oct. 13.

How They Met: She answered his Craigslist personals ad.

First Date: Ice cream and the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” “Then we went to Big Hunt and hung out for several hours, and our bill was only $3,” Rae says.

First Kiss: In her apartment, while her (male) roommates were out. “The fact that he was even OK with that situation was awesome.”

How He Proposed: At home watching a movie. After he popped the question, Rae rolled around the floor with their dog, Marley, screaming, “Marley, Mommy and Daddy are getting married!”

Most Hated Clothing Item: Her green and blue one-sleeved shirt. “She looks like a bird when she wears it.”

When They Knew: “The moment I laid eyes on her,” Steve says. “When I saw Steve playing in the pool with his daughter. I knew he would be a fantastic father to our children someday, just as he is with Sam,” Rae says.