Scientists think Neanderthals went extinct around 30,000 years ago. But cavemen DNA has survived in the humans making pummeling music for D.C.’s Windian Records. In the endless cycle of rebirth that is garage rock, Windian is right up there with Goner Records, HoZac, In the Red, Infinity Cat and other neo-paleo labels.

Windian’s 2012 releases are a terrific hodgepodge of new blood (Spider Fever’s self-titled LP; Testors’ “Together/Time Is Mine” 7-inch) and obscure revivals (Bizarros’ “Complete Collection 1976-1980” double LP; The Penetrators’ “Teenage Lifestyle / Rock ’n’ Roll Face” 7-inch). But Windian really dropped the bam-bam with a subscription series of 7-inch singles from Barreracudas, Heavy Times, Static Eyes, Terry Malts and D.C.’s own Suns of Guns. If you’re into fuzzed-out psych-pop, primal rock ’n’ roll and ’70s punk, every Windian release is worth seeking out. (The label’s logo is pictured above. Windian founder Travis Jackson is a quarter Cherokee and told Washington City Paper that “the White Indian” is a nickname.)

Washington doesn’t have the national buzz of Nashville or San Francisco as a garage hotbed, but Windian is a solid slab on which to build its reputation.