In my preview of fall TV, I put NBC’s “Revolution” on my list of shows to shun. The sci-fi drama (Mondays, 10 p.m.) is about life after Earth loses electricity and all forms of technology have stopped working. Based on my experience living without power in D.C. last June, I assumed the show would be REALLY BORING!

Oops! What I meant to write was: The idea of an apocalyptic, blacked-out world is fascinating, and “Revolution” will become a HUGE HIT, with nearly 10 million viewers per week! Clearly, I needed to watch.

The premise is that the lights went out 15 years ago and stayed out. Even Pepco could have fixed things faster than that! Nasty militias run America. Members of a family named Matheson may know how to get the power back on. But they don’t want to tell the militias. So there’s lots of chasing, fleeing, kidnapping and torturing, not to mention crossbows, bloodthirsty dogs, scary storms, confusing flashbacks and fetching women with Michelle Obama arms. And next week, somehow the militia get hold of a train!

My wife’s verdict: “I’m not even paying attention, but it just looks weird.”

I was paying attention, and I kind of agree!