Can you recommend a shoe that’s comfortable enough for my half-hour Metro ride and 15-minute walk to work but still classy enough to wear in the office? — Elyse

Manolo says, ayyy! It is the eternal working-girl question: The shoes in which you will strut around the place of employment in your semi-official role as the Office Fashion Plate are not comfortable enough for the commuting back and forth.

It is true, that for as long as the women have gone to the place of work, this problem has been with us.

Indeed, the Melanie Griffith hit movie “Working Girl,” which appeared more than 25 years ago, prominently featured scenes of our heroine commuting back and forth from the Staten Island in tennis shoes, with socks worn over her pantyhose.

But the Manolo actually suspects that if one looked into the ancient fashion records, one would find that the 1920s secretaries complained about not finding shoes that were suitable for both riding on the omnibus and taking stenography from that young Victrola salesman who looked like Rudy Vallée.

Happily, the Manolo can report that shoe technology seems to have advanced moderately from the days of the Thoroughly Modern Millie. Here is the Moscow, the attractive stacked heel pump from Ecco, the company that specializes in making comfortable shoes that do not look as if they were meant for Thoroughly Ancient Millie ($120,