Amy, 24, is a recruiting coordinator. Bryan, 25, is a software consultant. They live in Fairfax.

The Main Event: They’ll marry Oct. 21 at a vineyard in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with a reception in a converted horse stable.

How They Met: In college, through a mutual friend. “We’ve been best friends since that day,” Bryan says.

First Date: With each of them home in their respective states (Connecticut and Jersey) for Christmas, they decided to split the difference and meet for dinner in New York City, despite torrential rain. “We still remake the meals we ordered that night to re-create that first date,” Amy says.

How He Proposed: In a pumpkin patch. He called her over to see the world’s greatest pumpkin. “I asked ‘why?’ and he knelt down on one knee.”

Most Stupid Fight: When he mixed colors in the laundry. “Long story short, he’s never stepped into the laundry room again.”

When He Knew: “After she came along on her first true ‘Chapman Family Vacation’ and didn’t run for the hills.”

Mmm, Pie: The couple is offering a “pie bar” instead of a cake.