Teresa, 29, is a graduate student at American University and works in the alumni office. Henry, 29, is an attorney. They live in D.C.

The Main Event: They’re getting hitched Oct. 20 in Denton, Texas.

How They Met: In the “Brooketeria” (the Brookings Institution cafeteria) on his first day of work there.

First Date: Her place (they didn’t want to run into co-workers). “I brought Uno’s pizza (I’m a Chicagoan) and we watched a movie.”

First Kiss: At a tipsy happy hour with co-workers. “All the seats were taken, so I sat on his lap. Without thinking, I leaned down and kissed him.”

How He Proposed: He told her he had to pick up a book at Brookings, but it was just an excuse to lure her back to where they first met.

Their Song: “Forever and Ever, Amen,” by Randy Travis. “It was the first song we ever danced to, and the lyrics are really sweet,” she says.

Most Stupid Fight: He mumbled something in his sleep that sounded like “Cassie.” “She shook me awake and started interrogating me. I have never met a girl named Cassie.”

Family Traditions: They’ll share Henry’s dad’s home-brewed beer instead of the traditional wine in their kiddush cup.