Nats fans, I must confess: The reason the team won Game 4 of its playoff series was me.

I decided not to tune in on TV, lest I jinx my favorite team by watching. And it worked!

I learned of the Nationals’ triumph when I walked by a bar and heard a cheer erupt. Please, you don’t have to thank me!

Before Game 5, a colleague instructed me: “Marc, don’t watch.” I obeyed. Yet, the Nats lost. Maybe I should have worn my lucky socks.

Magical TV viewership theories are manifold. Besides the “jinx by watching” idea, there’s the “change the channel and the ENEMY TEAM WILL SCORE” school of thought. And if the TV announcer says Player X hasn’t erred in 100 games, you can bet Player X will mess up. Brits call it the “commentator’s curse.”

Yes, I know jinx theories are nonsensical. But it sure is fun to think WE HAVE THE POWER! Plus, not watching has its rewards. You skip the anxiety of sweating through it all, and you can use the nonviewing time to perform important chores. I’m sad the Nats are out … but my underwear drawer has never looked neater!