In “Smashed,” out Friday, Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays an alcoholic who gets sober — which causes problems in her marriage, as it is mostly based on drinking. While alcoholism is serious, film depictions of it range from earnest to comedic.

The drunk so nice they made a movie about him twice. (We don’t count the awful 1988 sequel.) Both the original 1981 version and the less-funny 2011 remake follow a happy tippler (Dudley Moore and Russell Brand, respectively) who’s equal parts money and booze.

“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”
Some people get happy when they drink; others become horrible people who make their dinner guests uncomfortable. In this 1966 film, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton form a human train wreck you cannot look away from.

“When a Man Loves a Woman”
This 1994 film stars Meg Ryan as a vodka-hiding mom and Andy Garcia as her enabling husband.

“My Name is Bill W”
James Woods is the father of AA in this 1989 biopic, which follows Bill Wilson from two-fisting drunk to teetotaler.

“28 Days”
This 2000 rehab dramedy starring Sandra Bullock should not be confused with 2002’s “28 Days Later.” Because the former has Viggo Mortenson (hot) and the latter has zombies who want to eat your face off (less hot).