BGR’s Obama burger, left, contains a hot dog, while the Romney burger, right, contains lobster.

There are two key candidates in this race: The first, a familiar entity with roots in Chicago. The other, a flashier, fancier, richer but virtually untested challenger.

These are the two burgers competing for your appetite at BGR this election season — two of the many partisan-themed specials available now through Nov. 6 at local restaurants.

BGR’s Obama burger ($13) is a patty topped with a beef hot dog and green pepper relish. It’s a smart combo: Dogs and burgers, so often served together, are natural running mates. BGR’s tangy relish complements both.

The Romney burger — a patty topped with lobster meat and hollandaise sauce ($13) — presents a totally new experience. It’s surf and turf in the same bite! The smooth, buttery hollandaise is a surprising highlight. And even though the lobster claw meat on my burger was overcooked, I still savored the sandwich as a whole. (I guess when it comes to lobster, I’m like those voters who stubbornly stick to their party lines NO MATTER WHAT — even when the candidate’s platform blatantly conflicts with their true views. Mediocre lobstah beats excellent hot dogs and burgers any day, in my book.)

So there you have it. In this face-off, the fancier food gets my vote. Good thing we take political decisions much more seriously, right?