Now that fall is here, I find I need some new boots that will keep me warm and dry. I’m a poor working girl, so please suggest something reasonably priced. — Lola

Manolo says, as always, the Manolo’s advice is to save our moneys and purchase the best quality, most super-fantasticest shoes possible, as nothing can give as much satisfaction as wearing the beautiful, well-made shoes.

However, the Manolo knows what it is like to be the poor person during the rainy, cold season who must fashion his own super-fantastic boots out of plastic soda bottles and bits of home insulation harvested from the abandoned building site near the cave where you keep your Madame Alexander doll collection.

Unfortunately, despite the Manolo’s boundless sympathy, when it comes to the weatherproof boots, unless you are the wizard with the duct tape and the fake fur, you will have to spend some money to get something that will look good, keep out the weather and last the long time.

This is why the Manolo is especially fond of the La Canadienne boots. They are made in Montreal, by the French Canadians; people who live in igloos but still care about what is appearing on the runways in Paris.

Here is the Mazy ($385, It is not cheap, but it is the investment in comfort, the sort of handsome weatherproof boot that will be wearable for many winters to come.