Aaron, 24, is a program associate. Emma, 25, is an executive assistant. They live in D.C.

The Main Event: They’ll wed in a mansion overlooking Meridian Hill Park on Oct. 28.

How They Met: Through a mutual friend as George Washington University undergrads, when she invited him to a party in her dorm room. “I almost didn’t go, but I had a last-minute change of heart,” he says.

First Date: They saw “The Nightmare Before Christmas” when it was rereleased in theaters.

First Kiss: In front of her dorm, after an all-nighter finishing homework in the library.

How He Proposed: They flew to Paris to see Cat Stevens in concert; he brought the ring. When the Eiffel Tower was too packed with tourists to be meaningful, Aaron ended up carrying the ring around for two weeks. “I had given up hope it was going to happen because it was the end of the trip,” Emma says.

Stupidest Fight: The best way to chop onions.

Wedding Jitters: Emma: “Awkward pauses, our lack of dancing experience.” Aaron: “Guests will be horrified by our ’70s music collection.”