Megan, 29, works at the National Geographic Channel. Chris, 29, is a sales manager at a restaurant blog. They live in D.C.

The Main Event: They married on April 21 at St. Gabriel’s Church in Petworth. The reception took place at the Adams Morgan Mansion (where STROGA is by day).

What They Read: Megan’s aunt gave a reading from a play her grandmother wrote about their family. “The passage is beautiful and talks about how living life two by two makes perfect sense.”

Favorite Moments: Chris: “The best part was seeing Megan’s huge smile as she came down the aisle. I cried but I am not scared to admit it.”

One for the Scrapbook: Megan’s two maids of honor wrote a rap about how the couple met and surprised them with it at the reception.

Parting Gifts: The couple gave out leather keychains handmade by her father.