Ray, 30, left, is a J.D. awaiting the bar results. Mick, 27, is the assistant general manager at Open City in Adams Morgan. They live in D.C.

The Main Event: Their “brunch wedding” took place Oct. 20 at Ardeo+Bardeo, and was followed by a D.C. United game.

How They Met: A pub quiz. “It seemed like a good sign to me that he regularly did something nerdy,” Ray says.

First Date: Sushi. “He had never used chopsticks before, so it was fun teaching him,” Mick says. “I am reminded of that date every time I have sushi or Chinese food, even three years later,” Ray says.

How He Proposed: Mick had the waitstaff at a Disney World restaurant bring the ring box along with a bottle of champagne.

Most Hated Clothing Item: “Ray designed a T-shirt that says ‘I have a heart on for Mick.’ I hate it with a fiery passion.” Ray: His shirt with “these atrocious mermaid patches. I have threatened to burn it.”

When He Knew: Mick knew when they threw their first party together and “naturally fell into different roles. I can always be found cooking and conversing in the kitchen, while Ray is basically the greatest host EVER.”