As Nov. 6 approaches, it’s not just the campaigns and Hill staffers who are worried about what the results could mean. It’s also the athletic wear retailers.

“Within our team, we’re thinking about the divisiveness,” says Lululemon’s Carolyn Manning. “How do we create unity on a day that feels so my side, your side?”

The chain has decided the answer is to partner with more than 40 yoga studios around the region to offer free classes for everyone. By taking financial barriers out of the equation, Lululemon hopes to convince more folks to try something that means “union” in Sanskrit — and do it alongside people who may have voted completely differently on every candidate and issue.

“What if you get up and practice before going to the polls? That’ll change your perspective on the day,” says Manning, who notes that it’ll also allow people to show off that they participated. Lululemon is printing up “I Practiced” stickers (like the “I Voted” ones handed out at the polls) that the studios will distribute to students.

Manning recognizes that between getting to work and the polls, carving out time for yoga might be a challenge. That’s why the program is spread throughout D.C., Maryland and Virginia, and the reason it’s all of the classes, rather than just one time slot. If only voting were that convenient.

Check for a full list of participating studios and links to their schedules.