It was a dark and sweaty night. Or, well, it will be for these three events designed to get folks dancing, biking and running — and into the Halloween spirit. Being able to burn calories without thinking about it is a neat trick, especially if you plan on indulging in a few treats.

Hot Yala Nights: Believe

Make your Saturday night sizzle with the latest installment of Hot Yala Nights. “It’s like going to a club, but getting that same feeling in a healthy way,” says Lauren Amzallag, the creator of Yala, a high-energy dance workout he’ll be combining with a smoke machine, lasers and acrobatic performers from 5 to 7 p.m. at 700 Water St. SW. Slurp down some Yala-tinis (fruity, non-alcoholic cocktails) and munch on Popchips to boost your energy — you’ll need it to keep up with all of Amzallag’s signature booty shaking. The evening will feature the music of Michael Jackson, and there will be nods to the King of Pop’s moves, too. But, Amzallag notes, “There will not be any crotch holding because it’s a family-friendly show.” Although there’s no dress code, Amzallag encourages wearing “Thriller”-inspired jackets and white socks with black shoes. He’ll be sporting a single white glove. Tickets are $15 online at and $20 at the door. Or buy the LivingSocial deal: It’s $12 for entry and a swag bag of skin care products.

Night of the Bicycling Undead

You’ve seen humans versus zombies a million times before. So BicycleSPACE is switching gears by offering up some zombie-on-zombie action at its next themed ride. Cyclists who show up at the shop (1019 7th St. NW) at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 30 will be separated into opposing factions — marked by two different colors of glow sticks. From there, they’ll set off on an easygoing 10-mile ride. “We’ll take each group on a separate route, but they’ll arrive at the same finish point,” says manager Jordan Mittelman, who promises to have snacks and hot cider ready to revive anyone who’s starting to really feel undead. Then the teams will face off in a game of capture the brains. (That’s capture the flag, only with “a bucket of brains.”) Make sure to wear your best rags and convincing rotting flesh makeup for a chance to win the costume contest. Kids are welcome to ride along, or get a lift in a bike trailer. It’s a suggested $8 donation when you register for the event at

Glow-in-the-Dark 5K Dance Party

The sports fans over at LivingSocial were ready to help Washingtonians get away from Nationals Park after playoff games. Now, they want to help us get around RFK. Get your fitness freak on by lining up for a fun run that takes off from the stadium (2001 E. Capitol St. SE) at 7 p.m. Nov. 9. Because this isn’t a race, participants will get “glow goodies” instead of bibs, and there won’t be a clock at the finish line. The plan isn’t necessarily to have a fast time, but a good time, especially at the D.C. Armory after-party — featuring several DJs and a complimentary beer or soda for runners. (You have to be at least 18 to participate, and you don’t get a beer unless you’re 21.) Speed won’t win you any prizes, but impressive outfits and dance skills will, says Bram Levy, the global director of LivingSocial Adventures. Levy, who dreamed up this event, said it might lead to other fitness-focused social affairs. Another bright idea: donating a portion of the proceeds to send 1,000 solar lanterns to kids in Somalia. Buy the deal ($45 now, $50 starting Saturday) from