I’m having a hard time deciding on a Halloween costume. My choices: Morticia Addams (in a short skirt), a sexy librarian or Sarah Palin. Which would be the best? What shoes should I wear? —Emmy

Manolo says, the Manolo remembers when the Halloween was a holiday for the kids, who dressed up like the ballerina, the cowboy or the Superman and took delight in seasonal joys of carving the pumpkins, eating the candy and “scaring” the neighbors.

But then, sometime around the 1995, the Halloween metamorphosed into the fully adult holiday, in which the little kids are almost the afterthought. Now it has become our annual Brazen Festival of Hoochie Unbound, the Dionysian bacchanal in which even the most matronly soccer mom must put on the micromini dress and halter top and become the Sexy Nurse, the Sexy Pirate Lady or the Sexy Eleanor Roosevelt.

The Manolo suggests tossing out the old, exhausted Sexy Something Halloween template and going with more creative costuming. Instead of tarting up the mundane (Sexy Meter Maid!), try to de-tart something alluring: Unsexy Stripper, Unsexy Scarlett Johansson, Unsexy Librarian.

Here is the Park boot from the Stuart Weitzman ($595, Zappos.com), which would look great under the full-length, tweed skirt that is the centerpiece of your Unsexy Victorian Trollop outfit.