In “Wreck-It Ralph,” out Friday, a classic video-game character wants to change his destiny and become a hero. The game in this movie is fairly benign, unlike most movie video games, which often lead to mass destruction.

A teeny Matthew Broderick plays “Global Thermonuclear War,” which turns out to be a way to launch real nuclear weapons. He avoids destroying the planet but is crushed by the 1983 movie’s heavy-handed metaphors.

“Never Say Never Again”
In this unofficial Bond film from 1983, 007 plays a 3-D game called “Domination” that seems a lot like Risk. Only here, if you lose a round, you get shocked.

“Space Paranoids” is the name of the game Jeff Bridges’ character invented in 1982’s “Tron.” And then “Tron” became a video game, and then they made a new “Tron” movie, and now “Space Paranoids” is also a video game, so let’s all go lie down.

Once upon a time, kids, we amused ourselves by typing curse words into text-based computer games. Tom Hanks’ character in 1988’s “Big” never does that while playing “The Cavern of the Evil Wizard.” At least not on-screen.

“The Last Starfighter”
Video games save the world in this 1984 flick. A bored boy in a small town ends up fighting in a space war because he’s spent more time playing “Starfighter” than doing his math homework. See? Fractions are useless.