SurfSET brings its boards to D.C. on Monday. If you want to take a class, you have to sign up through

Doing a workout should be hard. Finding one should be easy, says Megan Smyth, who co-founded the website to help pair people with nearby fitness classes.

Similar to dinner-reservation sites, lets users plug in what they’re in the mood for and then spits out a list of possibilities. Say someone who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is looking to exercise within a mile of home this evening. A quick search pulls up CrossFit at Balance Gym ($25), Vinyasa at Flow Yoga Center ($17.10), Sexy Zumba at Jordin’s Paradise ($25), and 20 other options.

“It only shows what’s actually available,” says Smyth, 35, who got the idea for the site when she worked in finance in New York City. She was hooked on boutique studio classes, but the number of a la carte options was overwhelming.

The site, which launched in April, allows students to scan the matches and book a drop-in visit (at the standard price, with the studio paying a small cut to Gorecess). Visitors can also maintain a fitness calendar, share classes with friends and tweet reviews. Studios can add photos, videos and FAQs to make sure students know what they’re in for.

Although a ton of local businesses are already in the system — 122 offering nearly 500 classes a day — Smyth hasn’t seen much usage in the region, especially compared with New York and Los Angeles. The Georgetown grad hopes that changes this week, when goes to Washington in a big way, profiling local studios and instructors on the blog. The site is also the only way to sign up to participate in the SurfSET tour (see box).

“This is one more way to reach out to people who are looking for my workout,” says Jill Warren, owner of Georgetown’s Barre3. “It’s the perfect reflection of the trend in fitness. A lot of my clients are dropping gym memberships. You might spend more, but you’ll get exactly what you want.”

And then you don’t need to feel as guilty about making those dinner reservations.

Catch a Wave

Ditch the wet suit, but get a body that can hang ten. That’s the promise of SurfSET, a fitness program that brings the balance and muscle-building of riding a board onto land. A national tour offers preview classes at Mint (1001 16th St. NW) on Monday. Sign up at