The Donkey, Lincoln’s blue cocktail honoring the Democratic party.

Whether you vote in swingy Virginia, solidly blue Maryland or die-hard Democratic D.C., the run-up to Election Day is exhausting — and in D.C. and Maryland, your vote doesn’t even matter that much. But that can’t dampen the excitement of the fact that after tonight, we don’t have to deal with electioneering for at least a couple of months. We’ve got the scoop on the best places to ride out tonight’s results — and celebrate afterward.

If It Ain’t Got That Swing

Drink election night away in front of big-screen TVs tuned to the news with Art and Soul’s (415 New Jersey Ave. NW) eight swing-state cocktails ($13, $7 during happy hour). Each toss-up state gets a dedicated drink — the weirdest is Wisconsin’s Cheese Head — and it’s half price for 15 minutes after its namesake’s vote results are called. Bonus: Anyone wearing an “I Voted” sticker can get two swing-state cocktails for the price of one.

Get Presidential

If you work downtown, there’s no better (or more aptly named) place to watch the results come in than on the TV screens (they’re bringing in extras to supplement the usual two) at Lincoln (1110 Vermont Ave. NW). This is the last night for the Elephant and the Donkey ($8 each), the restaurant’s two election-themed cocktails, and tonight you can pair them with dishes inspired by the candidates, including Pretzel Crusted Crab (Romney) and Kahula Pork Belly (Obama). It’s free, but RSVP to to guarantee a spot.

The Great Game

As exciting as election night can be, there’s an awful lot of waiting involved. So Penn Social (801 E St. NW), with its embarrassment of foosball, skeeball and billiards, is the perfect place to wait out the night. Keep an eye on the results projected in HD on all seven projector screens, and stay amused with raffles, games, red and blue cocktails and (early in the evening) political trivia contests.

Where the Ron Paul Write-Ins Are

Wondering where to find Libertarians on Election Day? BlackFinn (1620 I St. NW) will be home to a party hosted by the America’s Future Foundation and Reason. No need to RSVP; just show up to play election night bingo, or our favorite game to play with Libertarians, “How Do you Pronounce Ayn Rand’s First Name?”