I’m writing this on Monday, too early to call the presidential election. I can, however, already call one winner: Herman Cain.

When Cain was the Republican frontrunner in October 2011, it seemed like a prank. Here was a man whose platform hinged on a tax plan — 9-9-9 — more sound in rhyme than economic policy, who was the former CEO of a pizza company and who said things like “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan.” When he dropped out in December amid sexual misconduct allegations, the race became less fun.

So I’m glad “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” was curious about what life would have been like with Cain in the White House. In the ongoing “Herman Cain: An American Presidency” series, John Oliver presents Cain with a series of scenarios for him to act out as commander-in-chief.

Cain is fully in on the joke. His response to China demanding the U.S. pay down its debt? “Why you gotta play me like that China?” On science: “Herman Cain ain’t no clone!”

I’m not sure what the latter is supposed to mean, but at least one former candidate can embrace the silliness of the political process.