Was Diane Sawyer tipsy when she slurred and winked her way through ABC’s live coverage of the presidential election and started to say “President Barack O’rama”? That’s what everyone’s asking.

My theory: She was PRETENDING TO BE DRUNK so she would go viral.

But Sawyer’s demeanor wasn’t the only strange element of Tuesday’s TV coverage.

NBC painted a U.S. map on the ice rink at Rockefeller Center and filled in states with blue and red paint to show Obama’s and Romney’s victories. I bet NBC execs were feelin’ no pain when they cooked up that idea! I only wish they’d hired Romney fan Kristi Yamaguchi and likely Obama fan Johnny “I like to wear feathers” Weir to don their skates and leap about the map.

I wanted to offer a Breathalyzer test to the local newscaster who said more money was spent on the gambling initiative in Maryland than on the gubernatorial race. (There was no gubernatorial race!)

And then there was Republican Karl Rove’s refusal to believe that Obama had won Ohio even after Fox (where Rove was a guest commentator) called it. Maybe he wasn’t drunk, but he sure was guilty of magical thinking.