Soft on Statehood
You, like us, may be weary of gazing at electoral maps. So to aid your political recovery, we suggest cuddling up with the state — or taxed-but-not-represented District — of your choice in pillow form. Love, California’s felt puffs ($60 each, can be whipped up in a variety of hues (red, blue, purple?). The crafters can also plop a heart where your ’hood or hometown is.

Feminine, Wild
New York’s intermix trades in rocker-gone-uptown labels: Helmut Lang, Theyskens’ Theory, Rag & Bone. The cool-girl chain is new at Tysons Galleria (2001 International Drive, McLean, Va.; 703-506-0914), where a nightclubby space of bleached wood floors and faux snake tables sets the stage for such pieces as Torn by Ronny Kobo’s peplum top (shown, $298) and Rag & Bone’s jeans (shown, $218).

Go With A Grain
Hiro Sake uses rice from Murakami, a snowy region in Japan revered for its pristine kernels ($30 a bottle, local liquor stores; The result is a smooth finish with a subtle sweetness, making the spiked beverage (30 proof) a hit on the rocks or mixed with fruit juice. It’s sold in two varieties: red, which is best served warm, and blue, which is best served in back-to-back terms, er, chilled shots.

Warming Trend
It’s hot in Kenya, where Amani ya Juu’s new cotton scarves ($22 each, 3166 Mount Pleasant St. NW; 202-536-5303) are dyed and screen-printed. The wraps — in straight-from-the-savanna shades such as mustard and wine — cut the chill in D.C. stylishly.

Not-So-Slick Skin Fix
Slathering oil on your face may seem counter-intuitive. But Fresh’s new quick-absorbing, lightweight Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil ($50, gives you enviable winter skin sans grease. The secret? Restorative omegas that, when combined with pure oils (seaberry, cranberry seed, camellia seed and sweet almond), give your dermis a youthful and refreshed look.