November is Gratitude Month, and this year I’m thankful for:

Growing up in the Detroit area and having so many amazing radio stations form my ecumenical musical interests.

The first record I ever bought: Kiss’ “Destroyer,” above.

My first concert being the J. Geils Band and not my other great options, Van Halen and Queen — it’s a Michigan thing.

Hearing D.C. punk icons Minor Threat and Rites of Spring in high school, and Maryland noise-poppers Black Tambourine a few years later, all of which spurred my interest in moving here.

The newspapers at Howell High School and Eastern Michigan University for publishing my nascent music writing, and for the late-’80s fanzine world that motivated me to scrawl my own.

Washington City Paper for printing my first professional articles, which led to writing for many other publications, including Express, which has hosted me in this space for the past three years.

You readers. Sound Bets will play on, but with a new house band. My song is over, but I look forward to hearing a new needle drop on the record next week.