Jon, 25, is a volunteer coordinator at Food & Friends. Kate, 24, is a marketing associate. They live in Falls Church.

The Main Event: They wed July 15 at a vineyard in Canton, Ohio. Kate walked down the aisle to the theme from “Pride and Prejudice.”

Favorite Moment: During the ceremony, the couple created a time capsule with love letters and a bottle of wine. Says Kate: “We can open the box on our 50th anniversary and appreciate how our love has aged like fine wine … or we can crack it open if we have a major fight!”

Family Traditions: In what has become a family tradition, Jon’s grandfather performed a song based on “The Beverly Hillbillies” theme song.

Ah, Memories: The couple asked everyone to sign Jenga pieces instead of a guest book. “Sometimes we play a Jenga game,” Kate says, “but mostly we glance at a name or two and think about how grateful we are to have such great friends and family.”

Honeymoon: The Bahamas, where they tried couples trapeze. “I’m afraid of heights,” Jon says. “But what kind of newly married husband wouldn’t want to impress his wife on a trapeze?”