By now you’ve read — or heard about — the New York Times’ biting takedown of Guy Fieri’s Times Square restaurant, Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar. But did you see “Saturday Night Live’s” spin on the story?

Not if you were watching live. The segment in which Fieri (played by Bobby Moynihan) read the review was inexplicably cut from “Weekend Update” after dress rehearsal.

Instead, NBC put a video of the sketch online Monday and, like the Times’ review, it quickly went viral. It’s a loose, funny skit, one that would have been an asset to the lackluster episode. Moynihan-as-Fieri had me at his reaction to the review: “I’ve never felt sicker in my life. And keep in mind, all I eat is bacon bombs, which is bacon wrapped in dynamite.”

“SNL” has released rehearsal footage before, so it’s possible producers thought the skit would have more impact on Monday morning. Or maybe someone just made a bad call.

In either case, the Fieri sketch shows how “SNL” has had to evolve as more people watch it in chunks online and fewer watch live. If this means we get to see more of what never made it past dress rehearsal, I say open the floodgates. Sometimes a rough draft is better without the polish.