Prashant, 27, is an IT consultant. Binita, 25, is a procurement analyst for USAID. They will live in Northern Virginia (still house-hunting!) after the wedding.

The Main Event: They are getting married in Prashant’s hometown in India. The weeklong wedding in February will be attended by 600 guests.

How They Met: Through mutual friends. He was in Roanoke, Va., and she was living in Richmond, so they began a long-distance Facebook friendship until they both moved to D.C.

First Impressions: “She’s playing hard to get,” thought Prashant. “He’s pretty,” thought Binita.

First Date: Dinner at Uncle Julio’s in Fairfax.

How He Proposed: On her birthday, with candles and rose petals. He later gave her a second ring in front of 150 family and friends, as it’s Punjabi custom to have a large engagement party.

Most Stupid Fight: “One time I didn’t want to see Prashant, so I told him I was in Richmond. He called my mom in Richmond and she said I wasn’t there. He was so convinced I was cheating on him!”

Most Hated Clothing Item: His”feminine” D&G belt.