Arrows are trending on TV. Crossbows fire regularly on “The Walking Dead” and “Revolution.” But really, the hot spot for TV arrows is the new CW series “Arrow,” about a vigilant archer (Wednesdays, 8 p.m.).

“Arrow” is the superhero identity of spoiled rich kid Oliver Queen, who was shipwrecked on an island where he sculpted his abs, learned Russian and perfected the art of bow-and-arrowing. Back at home in Starling City, he dons a green hoodie — and no one recognizes him even though you can see his nose and mouth — and shoots people who betrayed him or his dad or something. Plot clarity is not “Arrow’s” strong suit.

Why is “Arrow” a hit? My theory:

First: Arrows are silent, deadly … and sustainable! After piercing someone with an arrow, you simply pull it out, wipe it off and reuse.

Second reason: The dialogue! Mentor to Arrow: “You want survive this place bird not last thing you kill.”

Arrow to confidant: “I have to be the person I need them to see me as.”

To paraphrase Shakespeare, we’re outrageously fortunate that the writers are slinging such hilariously bad verbal arrows.